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Stacked Enchiladas

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Stacked enchiladas are the easy way to make this all-time favorite comfort food. There is ...

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Our Recipes

By: Larry Sombke | 620 Comments | | Category: What's Hot

Dozens of easy recipes help you prepare an amazing array of menu items for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. And of course there are ideas for snacks and Cinco de Mayo parties. more

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Our Products Use Fresh Jalapenos

By: Larry Sombke | 237 Comments | | Category: What's Hot

Larry’s All Natural uses only high quality, fresh produce including jalapenos, garlic and cilantro to create sauces with rich, distinctive flavors that are nut and allergen free. These vegan cooking sauces are versatile and can be used to prepare all of your favorite Mexican dishes — from tacos and enchiladas... more

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Our Story

By: Larry Sombke | 252 Comments | | Category: What's Hot

Larry is the author of six cookbooks including; Beautiful Easy Herbs (Rodale Press), Fearless Entertaining, (E.P. Dutton), Glorious Roots: Recipes for Healthy Tasty Vegetables (MasterMedia) and Omelets; Eggs at Their Best (St. Martins). cooking sauces and salsa. more

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Buy Larry’s Sauces

By: Larry Sombke | 225 Comments | | Category: What's Hot

Larry's Mole, Ranchero & Chipotle Sauce

Fresh, all natural ingredients and the authentic flavors of Mexico and the American Southwest are what inspired me to create Larry’s All Natural Mexican cooking sauces and salsa. more

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Fresh, All Natural Ingredients

By: Larry Sombke | 2,952 Comments | | Category: Home Slider

Larry's All Natural Salsa

Freshly chopped peppers, onions, garlic & cilantro brighten the flavor or Larry’s All Natural Sauces & Salsas more

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Authentic Mexican Flavor

By: Larry Sombke | 246 Comments | | Category: Home Slider | Tags : ,

Authentic Mexican spices and ingredients such as cumin, cilantro and chipotle enhance the flavors of these delicious cooking sauces and salsa. more

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Your favorite Mexican meals in minutes

By: Larry Sombke | 227 Comments | | Category: Home Slider

Larry's taco & enchilada sauce

Use Larry’s All Naturals sauces and salsa to make tacos, enchiladas, chicken mole, huevos rancheros and more! more

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