Shakshuka Eggs Ranchero

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Shakshuka Eggs Rancheo

Shakshuka eggs are ideal for breakfast, lunch or brunch.

Shakshuka eggs is of Middle East/North African origin and is made by poaching farm-fresh eggs in a spicy tomato/vegetable sauce.  It is extremely popular right now, especially as a vegetarian dish.

Larry’s All Natural Ranchero Sauce is a perfect poaching sauce.  So, all you need is a deep skillet with a lid, eggs, tortillas and some fresh cilantro for a garnish.  And, the recipe is so easy, you can prepare it in under 15 minutes.  Packed with flavor and fresh ingredients, Shakshuka Eggs is sure to become a favorite recipe. 


1 large, deep skillet with lid
1 16 oz jar Larry’s All Natural Ranchero Sauce
8 large farm-fresh eggs
1/2 cup minced fresh cilantro
8 – 12 soft corn or multi-grain tortillas
  • Pour the jar of Larry’s All Natural Ranchero Sauce into the large deep skillet. Bring to a boil.  Reduce heat to low.
  • Using a spoon, form six shallow pockets in the sauce. Break a whole fresh egg into each pocket.
  • Cover the skillet and poach the eggs in the sauce for 5 to 8 minutes until the eggs are cooked but the yolks are still slightly runny or how you like them.
  • Warm the tortillas in a dry skillet or microwave.
  • Scoop the eggs and sauce onto plates sprinkle with cilantro and serve with warm tortillas.
  • Serves 4-6.
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